April 2022 Updates

We are excited to begin launching a series of updates to improve Connecthub.io based on your feature requests! We’re detailing the current releases below and will be launching more in the coming months.

We have a list of UPCOMING improvements at the end of the post as well, so be sure to check those out!

Tag Approvals

Districts opting to have district admins manage tags have a new feature to improve this process! Coaches can now request a tag and district admins will be alerted to approve or deny them.

Please note: we have adjusted the setting from “Allow coaches to Manage Tags” to “Allow coaches to request changes to tags” under Settings > Users. District admin must enable this new feature.


  1. Coach goes to Settings > Interactions and creates a tag request
  2. District admin(s) receive an email that a tag has been requested.
  3. District admin logs into Connecthub.io and goes to Settings > Interactions to approve or deny the request.
  4. The coach and all district admins are alerted that the tag has been approved or denied.

Check out the full video on how this new feature works here!

New Onboarding Materials

As you may know, we launched the connecthub.blog database in 2021 with guides on how to use all features within Connecthub.

This month, we’ve improved our YouTube channel with new onboarding videos for multi-coach accounts and videos on how to use different features within our platform. We’ll be adding more videos in the coming months. We recommend subscribing to our channel so you can receive alerts when new videos are added!

Educators in Multiple Buildings – Finally!

Educators can now belong to multiple buildings with the same profile. Previously, if an itinerant teacher worked in 2 or more buildings, separate records needed to be created for each educator.

Please note, we do not have a method for merging existing educators into one profile at this time but we are exploring our options to facilitate this process.

To create an educator in multiple buildings, you have two options:

  1. Upload via CSV: create 1 line for the educator and use commas to separate each building. Please note: buildings in your CSV must match the naming of buildings under Settings > Site. We have an example screenshot below with the fields D2 and D5 highlighted for reference. (Screenshot 1)
  2. Manually create the educator and choose multiple buildings. (Screenshot 2)

Engagement Reports

All engagement reports can now be filtered by Interaction Type.

Additionally, we have new date range filters to improve viewing reports.

Tagging Another Coach in a Task – Alerts!

For our multi-coach districts, we launched the ability to tag other coaches in a task a few months ago. Coaches will now receive alerts when they are tagged in a task via email.

Editing & Duplicating Interactions

COPYING: This month, we rolled out the ability to duplicate interactions from the My Activity page. This is useful if you need to duplicate all your meeting notes from another interaction you entered in the past.

EDITING: Previously you could edit the educators tagged in an interaction after it was saved. You can now add/remove educators when you edit an interactions from the My Activity page.

FILTERING: You can now filter by tag under My Activity

Bulk create group

Creating a new group is faster than ever. You now have a second option to make a new group by using the checkboxes in your educator database.

Educator Database Clarity

We’ve renamed the “Active Coaching” column in the database to “Coaching Cycle” due to some confusion around the information. This column shows if the educator has an active coaching cycle.

Hide Groups

If you have any groups you’d no longer like to use, but you don’t want to lose the information associated with them, you can now deactivate groups.

District Admin – Tasks View

District Admin account types can now view all tasks for coaches across the district under the Tasks side tab. Use the buttons to filter by completed, incomplete and by coach.

View if your account is managed

While this is one of our smaller updates, users can now go to Settings > Accounts to view if their account is managed under a multi-coach account type. This is to facilitate with the onboarding process of new users under multi-coach accounts.


We are working on the following solutions and features:

  • Google Drive and Google Calendar integration
  • Updating your educator database via CSV (to improve the process of updating your database with staffing changes)
  • Move a single coach users to your multi-coach plan
  • Sharing groups with other coaches in your district
  • Export/Import coaching cycles information

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