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Can I track time outside of coaching?

This feature is only available for multi-coach account types.

Your job as an instructional coach also includes time working without educators. You might want to track your own professional growth time, planning and prepping, curating PD for teachers, and so much more.

Can you track that? YES! 🎉

⏰ Entering time outside of coaching and working with educators

You have two options for entering your individual time: 1) from the interaction form and 2) from your own educator profile!

Tracking your time from an interaction

Simply search your name, like an educator, and complete your interaction! Then, you can see these notes under your educator profile (see next step) and your data will then show under your Coaching Team report.

Tracking your time from your educator profile

You have two ways to find your educator profile. You can either search your name in the top search bar:

You can also go to your Educator Database and find your profile in the last box in the left column.

Once you open your profile, you can enter an interaction for yourself. This data will filter to your Coaching Team report.

👥 Team Account Types: Tracking team meetings

For Team account types, you may have meetings to plan with other coaches. You can track this time in connecthub.io!

Start by creating a New Group with all of the coaches on the team by going to your Educator Database and adding a new group. Once you have your group, create your interaction for your team meeting.

This data will be visible in the Coaching Team report.

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