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Get to know your Coaching Cycles Dashboard

Check out the Coaching Cycles Dashboard to view your coaching cycle data. Reminder: coaching cycles need to be marked as complete with an End Date to be shown as a complete cycle. Incomplete cycles are not included in the data.

About the dashboard

The Coaching Cycles Dashboard houses all coaching cycle interactions that you’ve submitted over a set period of time. Data can be sorted by a specific school, cluster, or group. If the Educators tab is left empty, the data will be pulled from all of your interactions. Data can also be sorted by specific date ranges, which coach created the interaction, and tags from different interactions.

How data is calculated

Total Cycles & Coaching Cycle Growth: during the selected date range, view the number of complete/incomplete cycles along with the percentage of educator growth.

Cycle Interaction Types: interactions and hours with interactions are showcased in this section.

Participation in Coaching Cycles: view coaching cycle participation based on teachers, department, and building.

Impact of Coaching Cycles: through a bar graph, access educator growth from the beginning compared to the end of a cycle.

Coaching Cycle History: this section allows you to view all coaching cycle interactions. Use the toggle in the top corner to show/hide this report.

Powerful ways to use this dashboard

Use the data on your Coaching Cycles Dashboard to determine the next steps for coaching cycles at your site(s). Here are some suggestions:

  • Use your participation data to determine which schools/departments are engaging in more/less coaching cycles. Work with site administration to gain traction for bringing on additional educators.
  • View the impact of coaching cycles and see if the coaching cycle focuses align to the school goals. Use this data to shift gears for upcoming cycles if necessary.
  • Showcase coaching cycle growth to stakeholders.
  • Compare data over time to set new coaching goals for yourself.

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  1. I am not figuring out what “Connect to Coaching Cycle” (on the Dashboard-interactions) means. It’s a drop-down, but I don’t know how to populate the dropdown.

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