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Get to know your Coaching Team Dashboard

Coaching is about more than coaching cycles and team planning. Dedicated time is spent in PD, planning/prepping, in meetings, and supporting district/site initiatives. connecthub.io allows you to track how your time is being spent, even when you aren’t working with teachers.

This report is for interactions that are solely you or you and your team. AKA no educators. It’s a great way to track time outside of working directly with educators.

This dashboard is not visible to Principal account types. It displays interaction history for interactions added under your own profile or specific coach profiles.

About the dashboard

The Coaching Team Dashboard houses all non-educator interactions that you’ve submitted over a set period of time. Data can be sorted by groups of coaches if you work with different coaching groups on your site or in your district. If the “Coaches in” tab is left empty, the data will be pulled from all of your interactions that do not include educators. Data can also be sorted by specific date ranges, which coach created the interaction, and tags from different interactions.

How data is calculated

Coach Engagement: this data tracks the number of coach interactions you’ve engaged in (solo or with a coaching team)

Interactions Over Time: this data showcases the months/days with the most/least interactions along with the average time each weekday spent in each interaction type.

Interaction Types: overall, this data indicates the percent of your time spent in each interaction type.

Trending Tags: use this data to find trends in your interaction tags.

Powerful ways to use this dashboard

Use the data on your Coaching Team Dashboard to guide your coaching moves. Some ideas include:

  • Reviewing trending tags and determining which areas you need to engage in additional professional growth.
  • Look at where your interaction time is being spent when you are not in coaching cycles or working with teachers and set goals based on interaction types.
  • Plan team coaching meetings based on trending tags.

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