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Get to know your Interaction Dashboard

The Interactions Dashboard shows any and all interactions that you’ve entered. You can break this data down by educators, date, and tags. Keep in mind, district admins can filter data by coach. Coaches cannot see each other’s data.

About the dashboard

The Interactions Dashboard houses all of the interactions that you’ve submitted over a set period of time. Data can be sorted by a specific school, cluster, or group. If the Educators tab is left empty, the data will be pulled from all of your interactions. Data can also be sorted by specific date ranges, which coach created the interaction, and tags from different interactions.

How data is calculated

Educator Engagement: indicates the number and percent of educators that you have engaged with along with the hours spent with educators in the set date range.

Interactions Over Time: this data showcases the months/days with the most/least interactions along with the average time each weekday spent in each interaction type.

Educators Supported: pie graphs give a visual representation of which buildings and departments you spend most of your time at.

Interaction Types: overall, this data indicates the percent of your time spent in each interaction type.

Trending Tags: use this data to find the trends in your coaching data.

Powerful ways to use this dashboard

Use the data on your Interactions Dashboard to determine the next steps for coaching and themes for supporting the teachers that you work with. Some ideas include:

  • Review the interaction types that you are spending most of your time in and if you need to reevaluate your master schedule.
  • Visually see which coaching themes are trending at your site or across your district to come up with PD opportunities.
  • Check out the percent of educators that you’ve worked with and get creative in finding ways to reach more teachers.
  • Determine which days/weeks are heavy-hitters and make sure to avoid adding additional activities on those days.
  • Compare data over time to set new coaching goals for yourself.

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