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Get to know your Teacher-Level Dashboard

The Teacher-Level Dashboard allows you to view all interactions with teachers. This dashboard can be broken down by specific tags to give you meaningful coaching and professional learning data.

This report is not visible to Principal account types

About the dashboard

The Teacher-Level Dashboard houses all teacher interactions that you’ve submitted over a set period of time. Data can be sorted by a specific school, cluster, or group. If the Educators tab is left empty, the data will be pulled from all of your teacher interactions. Data can also be sorted by specific date ranges, which coach created the interaction, educators, and tags from different interactions.

If you filter by specific tags, you can see a list of teachers who have used the tag.

How data is calculated

Interactions: all teacher interactions are calculated and divided by the interaction types over the set period of time indicated in the date range given.

Trending Tags: find trends and total uses of tags from highest to lowest. You can also use the drop-down menu to showcase a specific tag.

Interactions over Time: this data indicates the total time by weekday spent in each interaction type,

Teacher List: this list gives an overview of the total hours and interactions separated by the individual teachers.

Interaction History: provides you with a history of every teacher interaction added into connecthub.io over a set period of time.

Powerful ways to use this dashboard

Use the data on your Teacher-Level Dashboard to determine the next steps for professional development and coaching cycles at your site(s). Here are some suggestions:

  • Filter by tags based on school goals and create professional learning opportunities based on less utilized tags.
  • Reach out to teachers with high numbers of interactions in a specific tag to co-plan opportunities for other teachers to observe a lesson showcasing the skill from the tag.
  • Engage in coaching cycles with teachers who you have minimal interactions with.

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