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Google Certified Coach and Innovator

connecthub.io is a Google Certified Innovator project. As members of Google’s Certified Coach and Innovator programs, we provide discounts to those who achieve the certification.

You can also find connecthub.io featured in Google’s curriculum for their coaching certification.

Learn more about Google Certified Coach.

Learn more about Google Certified Innovator.

💡 Google Certified Coach & Innovator Discount Codes

Connecthub.io provides discount codes for Google Certified Coaches and Innovators. Please email us at contact@connecthub.io with your directory listing link to get your discount code. We have directions below on how to find your directory listing link!

⬇️ How to export and upload your data to your Activity Dashboard for Google Certified Coach requirements

Step 1: Go to My Activity and choose the Google Certified Coach export.

Step 2: Log into your Google for Edu Activity App.

Step 3: Click 1:1 Coaching Hours and click Upload Multiple Teacher CSV.

Step 4: Select your CSV file from connecthub.io and upload it to the activity app.

Uploading your data into the Google for Edu Activity App is now easier than ever with connecthub.io.

How can I find my Directory Listing Link?

  1. Log into https://eduactivityapp.withgoogle.com/
  2. Go to “Edit my Profile” and ensure your information is up to date. Under “Directory Information” make sure you have the checkbox for “Use information submitted with this profile, subject to the Google Privacy Policy, to create and maintain my profile in the EDU Directory.” checked off. Scroll down and hit SAVE.
  3. Go to https://edudirectory.withgoogle.com/ and search for your profile.
  4. Send the direct link to your profile to contact@connecthub.io and we will provide your personalized discount code.

If you have privacy limitations, please contact us at contact@connecthub.io and we can discuss alternative options.

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