How to use your data

Data is only valuable if it is used to enable decisions. Each set of data in the Engagement Dashboard gives you the option to export your current view into a PDF. The PDF can be used to make your data accessible to others or for you to compare multiple data sets.

Let’s explore few options for using your data from

Showcase the impact of your work

Take screenshots of different data points to showcase impact and growth at a school or with a team over a set period of time. Without including teacher names, the charts and graphs can be shared out to key stakeholders to provide insight on trending themes, teacher growth, and support provided.

Another option for showcasing the impact of your work is to export your data to a PDF.

Identify areas of need for support for your school’s teachers

Though connecthub.op data dashboards, you can now search for and filter out key trends at a site, within a grade-span, with a specific teacher, or in general. These trending tags help you identify key areas of need for future coaching cycles of PD. It is important that you add tags to each interaction to make finding trends in data easier.

During your coaching meetings and admin meetings you can look at trending tags to see which areas you are called to support more frequently and which areas might need a bit more support from you. This is valuable data that can help in the decision making process for selecting upcoming coaching cycles and PD.

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