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Managing educators who leave my school or district

It’s important to keep your educator database up to date for your reports to be accurate. When educators leave your district or change schools, you’ll need to deactivate the educator.

Deactivating educators without losing data

Deactivating educators allows you to remove them from your database without losing the interactions, coaching cycles, and data you’ve collected.

To manually deactivate an educator:

  1. Go to the educator’s profile
  2. Select the “Deactivate” button next to the educators name

Mass update your district (Multi-Coach Accounts)

One of the perks of having a multi-coach account is that you can now deactivate large groups of educators without manually finding each one to deactivate.

Multi-coach accounts can email team@connecthub.io for summer updates to staff lists to deactivate non-returning educator accounts and activate new teacher accounts.

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