What is connecthub.io?

connecthub.io is an Instructional Coaching platform that empowers data-driven coaching through the organization of meeting notes. It’s a simple, yet powerful, way to keep your coaching organized that results in instant data at your fingertips.

Since connecthub.io was made by coaches, everything is customizable and flexible to your school or district’s needs.

πŸ€ΈπŸ»β€β™€οΈ Flexibility and customization are key

connecthub.io gives you the ability to organize and track your coaching no matter the structure of your coaching cycles or daily schedule. You can construct your tags and meeting types, or use our pre-made structure for faster setup.

As coaches, we know that your daily work involves more than coaching cycles. You have PLCs, team meetings, and the frequent “hey can we chat real quick?” Because of that, connecthub.io can be used to track all aspects of your day. This includes professional development, any meeting type, your coaching team meetings, or even your own individual work!

πŸ“Š Powerful data

By using connecthub.io to keep track of your work, you get insights that help you tell your story and plan your work. Your engagement dashboard provides 4 detailed reports that allow you to analyze educator needs from high-level to teacher-level insights.

Data driven decision making is no stranger to coaches. We work daily with teachers to make data informed decisions on supporting students. So why treat coaching any different? πŸ€”

πŸ’¬  Easy communication with teachers

connecthub.io eliminates the difficulty of finding information from your last meeting with educators. It also provides you the option to share your notes on every interaction (if you choose).

By sharing an interaction’s notes with a teacher, it sends an email to the teacher and CC’s you in the email so you can always see what the teacher receives. Additionally, you can continue the conversation after your meeting in your email if needed.

🀝  Facilitate coaching across teams

If you have multiple coaches in your district, we have the multi-coach account type that allows coaches to collect consistent data and track time between each other. Reports are cohesive and easy to analyze when you work in our multi-coach accounts.

πŸ’‘  How did Connecthub.io start?

connecthub.io is a Google Certified Innovator project. Google Certified Innovator is a program funded by Google that selects 36 educators for 5-6 cohorts every year to transform education with powerful projects. Suzana Somers founded connecthub.io after being selected for the LAX18 cohort.

The goal of connecthub.io is to help instructional coaches scale the impact of coaching by providing powerful data.

connecthub.io commits to continue being a platform that is accessible and affordable to ALL coaches. As a platform made by coaches, for coaches, we understand that coaches need access to the tools in connecthub.io to strengthen the programs in their schools.

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