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License Structure

Connecthub.io is a platform designed for Coaches. As a result, our license structure is unique since the platform isn’t designed for educators.

What types of users can licenses be assigned to?

Licenses are assigned to anyone using Connecthub.io as a District Admin or Coach.

A District Admin is a user who will manage and set up permissions in the platform for Coaches, Principals and Billing Only users. A district administrator can see everything in Connecthub.io, manage permissions, and is the only user type that can PERMANENTLY delete educators. It is important to only give this access to key users. These users receive a license.

A Coach is a user who will be entering interactions and coaching cycles while working with educators. They can also view data reports with permissions designated by the District Admin. These users receive a license.

A Principal is an account type that can view very limited data. Principals do not receive a license. You can create as many Principal account types as you’d like.

A Billing Access Only account can log in to manage payments and view past invoices. This account type was designed for billing departments to manage billing without needing a license. Billing Access Only Users do not receive a license.

You can read more about these permission levels here.

But what about Educators?

Educators do not receive logins. Connecthub was designed as a platform for coaches only. Coaches can choose to share interactions by checking off the “Email a copy of this interaction to tagged attendees” – this shares the interaction via email to the educator.

When you are setting up Connecthub, you will need to upload a CSV of educators to your educator database. The educator database is designed for Coaches to a have a place to keep track of their work supporting the educators. Educators will never be alerted you uploaded them to the educator database. They cannot access their profile or notes within Connecthub.

The size of the educator database is determined by how many licenses you purchase. These limits can be found here.

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team at contact@connecthub.io